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“When there is a call for PROFESSIONAL wrestling, we really had no choice but to answer the call. From the very beginning of my career in Professional Wrestling (2016), it was always about learning and watching. Now In 2021, its all about APPLICATION. We will offer to those who have a TRUE passion for this business, a place where they do what they love to do and provide for their family. To all the fans who are searching and have continued to search for PROFESSIONAL wrestling we will provide you with a FAMILY-FRIENDLY PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING show. In the beginning of this, I wasn’t sure what God was up to, then all the pieces just fit together. The call for PROFESSIONAL wrestling has been ringing for sometime, we just refused to answer it UNTIL NOW. With a great team, dedicated to creating the best PROFESSIONAL wrestling show possible, Action Sports Wrestling and ASW presents Saturday Night Wrestling and will be traveling throughout the beautiful state of TENNESSEE to find all the right locations for all the right times. Get ready, buckle up and enjoy the ride. We will see you May 1st.” – Big Daddy P