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Grand Opening – May 1, 2021 – Saturday Night Wrestling

You know what I loved about last nights show at the Horse Arena in Woodbury? It was seeing the smiles on everyone’s face because we all were able to be outside and had an awesome night, The place erupted with foot stomps on the bleachers, the chants for “LT” and...

A message from Big Daddy P

"When there is a call for PROFESSIONAL wrestling, we really had no choice but to answer the call. From the very beginning of my career in Professional Wrestling (2016), it was always about learning and watching. Now In 2021, its all about APPLICATION. We will offer to...
We want to THANK Dr. Tom Prichard for coming to Woodbury, TN and
a tremendous opportunity for the local up  and coming superstars and current Action Sports Wrestling workers!
“We never stop learning and if we think we have, then we missed it already” – Dr. Tom Prichard